Welcome to HSN CARE

HSN CARE is an Enabled Living Service which was created to promote Choice and Control and enhance the Life Experience of adults with profound disabilities and complex needs.

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that our properties are considered by their residents to be their home and is the reason why they are designed to integrate seamlessly with the local community with no internal or external signage anywhere to be seen.

From this environment we encourage our residents to access every part of their local community, play as vital and active a role as possible in the world around them, enhancing their life experience and helping us to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Our concept of care is designed to evolve and to incorporate new technology and scientific breakthroughs ensuring we continue to offer the best care and support possible both now and in the future.

We hope this helps you to understand HSN Care, its background and the support and encouragement that our Enabled Living Service provides.



When choosing somewhere to live it is important to understand the range of services and support systems available.

Our residents are primarily full-time wheelchair users with profound disabilities and complex needs with a range of associated sensory and communication impairments needing support with many of their day to day decisions.

To fully understand the needs of each resident and their personal and cultural requirements we create a comprehensive Individual Support Plan (ISP) in consultation with the resident, their Health and Social Care professionals and family members so that our Enabled Living Service maximises each person’s potential and helps them enjoy life to the full.



The provision of an Enabled Living Service can only ever be achieved when we realise that choice and control are an attitude of mind. Enabling, however, is not about being able to perform physical tasks but it is about being able to take control and exercise choice over one’s daily life which we all strive to do, to a greater, or, lesser extent. The problem for people with profound impairments and complex needs has been that they have grown up believing that they have no right to take that authority.

This is the very heart of our Enabled Living Service, which is to equip profoundly disabled people with a direct Care Provision in their own home environment where we follow three main tenets:

    1. To supply every person with the means, knowledge and opportunity to live their lives to the maximum of their capacity
    2. To facilitate informed choice and control over the lived experience of our residents to the best of their ability
    3. To ensure that everyone is treated in a dignified and respectful way and in an age, faith and culture appropriate manner