HSN CARE – PMLD and Complex Needs

HSN Care’s Enabled Living Service aims to meet the needs of those with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and complex needs that are likely  to combine severe learning and sensory impairments with other factors, such as physical disabilities.

People with profound learning and communication difficulties, who may have additional sensory impairments, mobility and health care needs, must have high levels of support to enable them to fulfil their potential and maintain contact with family, faith and culture.

Our Enabled Living Service supports such access within their personalised, Individual Support Plans (ISP) which are put together in consultation with the resident, their Health and Social Care professionals and family members to ensure that their ISP supports need and covers all their personal requirements.

Our aim is to ensure that every individual’s personal achievements and inclusion in activities that most of us take for granted, maximises their capacity, choice and control.